Help: How To Earn Bitcoins By Playing Games

Why should I play at BitDice?
I want to know more about BitDice Tokens: Care to explain?
I noticed graded User Levels: What are they all about?
Does BitDice offer any bonuses I can use?
What does Jackpot mean?
What does LossBack mean?
What does BetBack mean?
Heard about the House Edge: What is it?
I find it difficult to stop playing: Can I get any help?
I do have an itty-bitty problem: Whom do I talk to and how do I get in touch?
Provably Fair: What is it all about?
Provably Fair: How does the system work?
Provably Fair: Does it apply to all games?
I intend to use the chat room: Are there any rules and guidelines I should abide by?
I intend using the chat room: What chat commands can I use?
Rain: What is it all about?
Is it possible for me to view the statistics of other players?
I would like to have access to your API: How do I go about it?
I just made a deposit: When should I expect the deposited funds to reflect in my account?
I just initiated a withdrawal: When should I expect to receive the withdrawn funds?
I have friends who would be interested in playing at BitDice: Does BitDice have any referral system in place?
I want to increase the security of my account: What measures can I take?
I found a bug on BitDice: What should I do?
What BlackJack rules BitDice Casino uses?
How to validate BlackJack Provably Fair Game?