What We Are All About At BitDice

In 2014, the first man-made probe, Philae, landed on a comet moving at 40,000 miles per hour.
It was impressive, but not the only first in 2014.

Philae had to wait 10 years and complete 300 million miles, after its launch, to make a mark. At BitDice, our valued users did not have to wait that long (or travel that far). Our launch in 2014 made many firsts in the challenging casino industry.

Pushing the envelope

BitDice became the first crypto-currency casino to incorporate and go public in Costa Rica.

BitDice became the first to implement the WebSocket technology with a mobile-centric focus to provide among the fastest bet speeds in the online casino industry.

BitDice became the first to implement the Kelly Investment system due to our unwavering dedication to the safety of investors.

Setting the pace

BitDice is not another average, run-of-the-mill casino. BitDice is a pacesetter. We actively research the casino industry, identify grey areas and areas that can be substantially improved, and intently go through submissions from our concerned users.

Armed with these bits of information, we are able to offer very useful, and often revolutionary, features and systems. Our users get front row seats in our quest to become the ultimate crypto-currency casino.

You mean a lot to us

BitDice is wholly customer-centric. We go the extra mile to provide features, offers, systems, and support that would enliven your gaming experience. When it comes to the speed and responsiveness of our games there is no equal. We were who set the trend and We will keep on pushing the boundaries.

To this end, we offer

BLISTERING FAST betting speed
ZERO delays
EFFORTLESS navigation
INSTANT payouts

BitDice supports a diverse array of established crypto-currencies. You can use any of the following currencies to play your favorite games.

Bitcoin Bitcoin
Dogecoin Dogecoin
Ethereum Ethereum
Litecoin Litecoin

Our game selections and juicy bonuses

At launch, BitDice Casino users would be able to play the Dice game. In the weeks that follow, we would expand our game selection with new game launches, including Slots, Roulette, BlackJack, Video Poker, Baccarat, Plinko and BitAces.

Users would be able to play any game available on BitDice with funds deposited using any of the supported coins.

Hold on... There’s more:
From the get go we offer an exciting range of bonuses generated by various systems. One of these systems is the JackPot system. Others are the BetBack and LossBack  (rebate) systems.


To make the experience even more enjoyable the players gain access to various benfits and bonuses as they level up. The further You progress the bigger the benefits from the various bonus systems and giveaways. The bonuses you receive would be in the form of valuable BitDice Tokens . Players can exchange their bonus tokens for BTC. Alternatively, players can use the tokens directly in events.

And... That’s not all:
We also offer a FAUCET that basically opens our doors to users for a free test-run.
Yes! You do not have to make a deposit to test games. You can use our faucet to get a feel about how BitDice works, and the best part is that you can do this FOR FREE .

Heighten the fun... Go SOCIAL!

Social gaming is growing in leaps and bounds. And being a forward-thinking casino outfit, BitDice Casino goes all in to present features that transforms casino gaming from a so-so activity to an immersive social microcosm. The on-site chatroom welcomes every user to share their experience, the good and the bad in their day but it is not only used for chatting but it is also a place for games and events.

Amongst these interesting features are:
Private messaging system
Added perks from advancing to a new level
Comprehensive user statistics

We are big on security

We strive to preserve security with every new step we take, update we release, and feature we add. We offer a rich suite of controls and features that ultimately protects your profile and funds. The security set in place for BitDice Casino is top of the notch and near the pinnacle that a casino can achieve and for anyone worried, the answer is YES, We are safer than BitFinex!

Email Authorization
2-Factor Authentication
IP Whitelisting
Address Lock